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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

A twenty-minute drive from the city center of Tabuk, you will find a rock island in the ocean of sands. This figurative description fits precisely to the place known as The Lion Face because the formation is just like an island surrounded by dunes. The whole shape that looks like a ship sailing on the ocean will draw your curiosity to explore it to find the things beyond the striking outer appearance.

The Lion Face is just one of the places you shouldn’t miss visiting in the Tabuk Region. The surroundings are flaunted by the reddish sand color that exhibiting the vibrant color of the place.

Quick Facts

Name: The Lion Face

Location: Neom, Tabuk Region, KSA

Southwestern of Tabuk City

Distance from Tabuk City: 60 KM, 25 – 30 minute drive

Distance from the Highway: 1 Km approx.

Hot to Get Here

  1. From the city center of Tabuk, drive through the Jeddah Road.

  2. You need to drive for about 60 Km from the city center of Tabuk, and you need to turn right, off the road to the dune. Drive for about 1 km from the highway

  3. You need a 4-wheel drive car to reach the place; otherwise, you need to walk from the highway.

  4. For those coming from outside Tabuk province, the city of Tabuk should be the take-off point. In case doing the tour adventures for days, arrange your accommodation in the city of Tabuk.

  5. To facilitate your trip to the lion face and other tourist attractions, I suggest hiring a local guide.

What to Expect

  1. See the rock formed into the face of the lion towering above the reddish-golden dune

  2. See for yourself the rock island formed like a ship

  3. By rare chance, see a desert fox

  4. See wild desert birds flying over the Island rock

  5. See the pagoda-like rock formations around the rock island of the Lion Face

  6. Off-road desert drive to a plain surface of the dune

  7. Enjoy walking through the reddish-golden sand.

See More Images Of What to Expect (Click the arrow to see images)

The gas station and supermarket pass by going to the

Lion Face Rock where you can do buying the supplies

you need (below).

What to Bring

  1. Snacks and water to support your thirst and light hunger while exploring

  2. Sunglass to protect your eyes from the open desert blinding lights of the sun

  3. Sombrero hat to shade your face without using sunglasses, especially if you are shooting with your camera.

  4. Sunblock to keep your skin from burning, especially during summer.

  5. Visiting during the winter season, of course, you should be in your winter suits to keep you warm and away from freezing.

Activities You Can Do

1. Picnic and overnight camping

2. Sunset watching

3. Light trekking & climbing, and desert sand driving

For picnic and overnight camping, you may use your camping tent or simply find a cave formation of rock to hide from the sun and rain during rainy days. There are areas where you can do this, except when the number of picnickers is high.

See Images:

For an easy and facilitated tour to this place, you may arrange with the tours and travel operators offering this place in their package.

For a personalized guide, you may connect with the guide who assisted the author coming to this place, MR. AHMED AL ATAWI @ +966 50 417 7818.

Click the play tab below to watch the video on Facebook.

Guide: Ahmed Alatawi

Mobile: +966 50 417 7818

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