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ABHA CITY, SAUDI ARABIA - Flickering City In The Sky

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The city side as viewed from the Eastern View Point after the sundown

Abha City, Saudi Arabia – Nestled at more than 2000 meters above sea level, Abha City is truly a city in the sky. And the flickering of lights on the mountain tops, afoot, on the valleys and plains at night turns the mountain city into a heavenly place. Yet, it looks beaded from afar with the twinkling stars we all see from outer space.

Abha holds the title of the Summer Capital of Saudi Arabia; tourist flock to the city to experience and enjoy the cold weather of the tropical climate during the summer season. During winter, the visitor influx may be lower than during summer; however, many tourists and individuals still come to satisfy their curiosity about the fantastic information they hear from word of mouth.

The city is the make take-off point for exploring the different tourist spots and nature attractions in Aseer province. This could be why the place remains tempting the visitor to visit during high and low-temperature seasons.

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Coming to the city to enjoy beautiful sceneries and sights doesn’t necessarily mean one should get out and travel far from the city because, in the town alone, there are plenty of spots where you can spend time, making the visit truly memorable and unique.

Abha has a distinctive plateau landscape that captivates the visitors and keeps them amazed by the standpoints, by day or night time. Besides the beautiful scenery, the city has several heritage historical sites that allow visitors to know the place more profoundly than it was before a long time.

So, it would be best if you had no time to explore outside the city to experience a unique journey to the queen city of the mountain tops. Here are some of the recommended places to visit inside the city (Note: the first five spots are the only ones seen by the author, others have yet to be seen but are suggested to see):

Suggested Parks And Spots To Visit (Visited by the Author)

1. Shamsan Ottoman Castle

2. Abu Kheyal Parks (1 & 2)

3. Eastern View Point

4. The Art Street

5. The Tuesday Market

Other spots (Author still have yet to visit)

6. Abha Dam

7. The Green Mountain

8. Aseer National Park

9. The Dabbab Walkway

Shamsan Ottoman Castle

When it comes to the historical significance of all the historical landmarks in Abha, Shamsan Ottoman Castle is the most significant one, for it gives an insight into the heritage and culture of the people in this place dating back to the empire of the Ottoman. The castle was built on top of the mountain overlooking the city side of Abha, which no doubt used to be a fortress and a base of resistance against the enemies attacking and intruding on the territory.

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Driving on the road climbing to the castle gives an additional thrill, for it tests the driving skill of anyone who has yet to experience driving on a narrow upward-slope road between residential houses.

With the car, it would be a good idea to walk on the road from the base of the hill to the castle yard. It is best to come here from sundown until evening to enjoy the sparkling sights of the flickering with the different colors of light illuminating the city.

Abu Kheyal Park (1 & 2)

Suppose you are looking for a nature park within the city to spend your day under the shades of the trees, feeling the light touches of the soft breezes, watching the city in its magnificent landscape during the daytime, and behold as it flickers with a dazzling multi-colors of lights after sundown. In that case, Abu Kheyal is another good suggestion.

Located within the city area, it is conveniently reached along the Abha ring road, nestled at the upper of the city downtown. The suggested best time for coming here is late afternoon until after sundown.

Eastern View Point

Another hilltop spot to settle down for your afternoon chill out is Eastern View Point. As you settle on top of the hill, the intertwining roads in the city and the cars rolling up and down the terrain of the road make you feel like you are watching a live movie. The more after sundown, the dazzling city lights flickering around gives such relief, slowly peeling off the stresses you carry with you.

The best time to come here is before sundown. You wait until the sunset starts, and the dark slowly covers the surroundings.

The Art Street

Art Street is not a site to settle, sit down, and bond with friends or family. It is a road portion with fully-grown trees standing in the middle and on both sides. During the fall season, these trees become bald, and out of the leaves, however, the leaves are replaced with indigo flowers.

All you need is to find an elevated surface nearby to see the place in its fall-season color, indigo.

The Tuesday Market Place

The place to buy souvenir items that are locally produced and will bear or implies the name of the Aseer region and the City of Abha; is where you should come to. However, as the title says, the Market day is Tuesday.

Besides the souvenir items, fresh farm produce is available here during the market day: fruits, veggies, and honey. The Tuesday Market is adjacent to Art Street.

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