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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Jizan is a tropical paradise of Saudi by the Red Sea. Its topographical characters are a narrative of multi-regional varieties. From the geographical environment to vegetation, tourism and economic activity, heritage, and culture. From the land to the air and on the sea it bears tropical attributes.

Bordering to the neighboring country of Yemen in the south and the African countries across the Red Sea on the western side, plus being home to expatriates of different nationalities, no doubt it could be a home where cultures and traditions mix and coexist.

On a personal account, my trip to this city and province was to satisfy, my curiosity about what the place looks like, and the ways and culture of the people in this part of Saudi Arabia. My visit indeed paid off more than I was expecting to.

It is not surprising therefore to be among the favorite tourist destinations in the kingdom drawing tourists to flock in the province during weekends and holidays. From nature adventures in the mountains to island escapades and cultural-historical tours are among the exciting packages you can get in visiting Jazan.

The People

Based on the community atmosphere, landscape, topography, backgrounds, culture, daily routine activities of the place I grew up in, there are similarities I see in this place.

The people are nice and accommodating to visitors, ready to offer something to make the guests comfortable and welcome.

On the city side by tradition, women are wearing an abaya, burqa (face cover), or hijab. But in the countryside, women are wearing a casual heels-length dress without abaya, burqa, or hijab. Women are working in the farms and gardens and herding sheep, goats, and cows.

Jazan is the border province of Saudi Arabia to its neighbor Yemen, so one notable thing I saw here was that the number of Yemenis in this area is larger compared to the other cities and provinces of Saudi. In the mountainsides especially you will notice them wearing the traditional Yemini dress with a headdress made of ornamental plants and the jambiya. Even locals look similarly to Yemenis, which is not surprising because this is at the border area.

Climate & Atmosphere

It’s a tropical climate with rains coming suddenly, and moderate temperature with high humidity. The 2-day visit I did exploring mountains and countrysides cost me frequent changes of clothes for the sweats don’t stop flowing out from my body. The air is covered with clouds most of the time so, so not a surprise indeed that rains come in casually.


The plants growing around and in the farmlands are, mango, guava, banana, corn, and other fruits in the tropical countries, like the Philippines and in other countries of south and southeast Asian regions, plus of course the plants endemic in the desert of Saudi Arabia and other middle east countries, like dates.

Places to visit in Jizan Province

1. Farasan Islands

Sky blue clean sea waters, a unique formation of rocks, and species of wild lives mesmerize the eyes. Farasan Island is a group of islands in the Red Sea west of Jazan City. A hub for island adventures, and breeding ground for wild docks and other migratory birds, and a breeding area as well for the crabs inside its protected mangrove forest. Aside from which, visitor can also have the chance to travel back in time with the historical sites.


2. Jabal Mags (Pronounced as Ma-gas) or Fort Mount Magas in English

Castle made for the watchful eyes in an omniscient vista of a defender ready to secure the territory and its people. Nestled atop the hill with approximately 2000 meters altitude above sea level, overlooking the town of Haqo and neighboring towns, the hills, ridges, and vast farmlands and parks.

Once a fortress of the villagers shielding from the attackers, intruders, and looters. History speaks of the land fertility of the place and the abundance of food supplies to the people. The tropical climate of Jazan made the place rarely experience a scarcity of food supplies as the people can grow their crops, yielding plentiful harvest and livestock herding.


3. Jabal Aswad (Black Mountain)

Another kingdom in the sky that Jazan travelers should not miss visiting. The winding-up road network gives exhilarating sights, from the ridges to gradient shoulders, the height and the depth of the ravines colored by the greenery of trees, grasses, and vibrance of wildflowers. The mix of them all exudes hypnotics energies and enliven the spirits even in a most downing state; that is what occurred to me as I started rolling my eyes all around.

At the altitude of more or less 2,400 meters above sea level, the wind breezes give a pinch of chill to my body. The distant flickers of lights from the villages below in a gloomy atmosphere by daytime will make you imagine standing in the sky.


4. Jabal Al Qahar (Frustration Mountain)

The name is the opposite because you will never get frustrated once you arrive at the place. You don’t need to make yourself tired with all the trekking, hiking, and climbing. All you need is to stand or sit down on a carpet and look around.

Behold the vertical flaky shaped rocks beneath the cliffs and ravines while sipping the tea, coffee, or anything hot and cold drinks you prepared with you; listen to the birds as they sing, glides and flies. Go back to the time when life was simple, uncomplicated, and joyful, away from the hustle-bustle of the suffocating city. Take the time to retreat and search the missing parts that connect the human soul to the spirit of nature.


5. Wadi Lajab

Condition your car for a hard mountain drive. Enter the rocky water passage, walk on the stream inside the 100 meters or more deep canyon, climb the giant boulders, plunge into the water and hike distance, be in the wilderness flocked by the hikers, and listen to the sound of the wilds.

Swim in the natural pool and treat yourself for travel back to when natures were the main facility and utility of the people. Driving to this place alone will charge your adrenalin with the beautiful sights of the mountain shoulder and top road position. The road curves and the winding up and downs overlooking the green shoulders and ridges make the spirit fly and wild imagination.

Read more here: WADI LAJAB (

6. Jazan Lake

Standing at the edge of the top ladder steps, looking around, hear the birds chirping, wild ducks quacking, frogs croaking, and the feel the cold soft winds breezing. Lay the carpets on the grass, mount the grilling stand and start the outdoor cooking while staring at the calm lake waters beneath the dark blue and green mountain ridges. Lake Jazan Dam is an amiable site with a fantastic landscape of mountains, trees, and body of waters perfect for a family treat nature communing picnic.

Coming here was a trip home to my country, the Philippines, because of its tropical climate and environmental setting.

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More Images of Jizan Province:

Quick Facts

Province: Jizan

Capital City: Jazan

Source of Income: Industries, agriculture, and tourism

Distances From The Other Major Cities

  • Abha: 207 km (2h & 42min by land travel)

  • Dammam: 1,549 km (15h 39 min land travel; 2h 25min via air travel)

  • Jeddah: 709 km (8 hours land travel; 1h 25min via air travel)

  • Madina: 1,119km (12 hours land travel)

  • Riyadh: 1,143km (12 hours land travel; 1h 50min air travel)

  • Tabuk: 1,734km (18 hours land travel)

Guide: Mr. Fouad Kubaisi - Mainland Guide

Mobile: +966 55 168 7224

Guide: Mr. Adel Alawani - Farasan Island Guide

Mobille: +966 50 268 6473


What are included only in this article are the places I visited during my first visit to Jizan Province. There are lots more to see and to include, however, they are not mentioned here because I have yet to see the place in order for me to write them based on my personal accounts.

Any comments and suggestions, or additional information are welcome. Please feel free to write below. But before you can write your comment, please take the time to sign up. It's free, and no financial or any obligation is required.


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