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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Jabal Al Qahar means, the mountain of frustration. There were plenty of attempts to climb this rock wall but turned into failure.

Quick Facts:

Name: Jabal Al Qahar (Mountain of Frustration)

Location: Al Reeth, Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Jazan City: 120 Km

Altitude: 2000m

The name is absolutely the opposite because you will never get frustrated once you arrive at the place. You don’t need to make yourself tired with all the trekking, hiking, and climbing. All you need is to stand or sit down on a carpet and look around. There were plenty of attempts to climb the rocks, but all turned into a failure, and no one succeeded up to this date; hence the name; frustration mountain originated.

Giant cracks or the rocks at the valley are seen from the viewing point.

Behold the vertical flaky shaped rocks beneath the cliffs and ravines while sipping the tea, coffee, or anything hot and cold drinks you prepared with you; listen to the birds as they sing, glides and flies. Go back to the time when life was simple, uncomplicated, and joyful, away from the hustle-bustle of the suffocating city.

Take the time to retreat and search the missing parts that connect the human soul to the spirit of nature.

How To Get Here

Coming here could be as a side trip on your way going to other spots in this part of Jazan. But if you intend to explore the place, from the mountain top to the giant cracks of the valley below the viewing area, a whole day schedule is suitable.

Suppose you intend to do sunrise and sunset watching, much better if you book a lodging accommodation in Al Reeth, or nearby place arriving in the afternoon before sundown and stay for the whole night to catch the first breaks of daylight. You can search Google for your possible lodging facility to arrange. Generally, to get here, these are the best steps:

  1. Book your hotel or apartment accommodation in Jazan City.

  2. Hire a local guide if you are a first-time traveler and have no contact or friends to hike with you.

  3. From Jazan City, you need to leave the city as early as 07:00 to make the trip touring speed and have enough time taking shots of the place along the way that you find worth capturing by the camera.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Sightseeing

  2. Hiking

  3. Mountain driving

  4. Sunrise and sunset watching

  5. Picnic and camping

Facilities Available

  1. No concrete facilities are available

  2. If there are ladies in the group, much better to bring a tent for personal comfort.

Things To Bring

  1. Sweaters

  2. Umbrellas or any rain wears

  3. Extra clothes

  4. Drinking waters

  5. Snacks

  6. Tents to shield the comfort needs of the ladies

Car Requirement

  1. A 4x4 car is a requirement. Though 98% of the road is concrete, the steep portion of the road could challenge a non-4x4 drive.

What to Expect

  1. Winding mountain roads.

  2. High Altitude

  3. Random rainfalls

  4. Cold temperature

  5. Foggy surroundings


Guide: Mr. Fouad Kubaisi

Mobile: +966 55 168 7224

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