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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Is one of the villages in Al-Dir'iyyah Governorate of Riyadh Province, 35 km northwest of Riyadh City. One of the favorite destinations for desert and mountain hiking and outdoor activities; biking, road trip driving, sightseeing, picnic, and camping, especially during the weekend. It is common to see bikers flocking the area during the morning of Fridays and Saturdays; the picturesque of the natural charm of the valleys and distinctive formation of rocks, mountains, and valleys draw the people to come to Al Amaariah.

You will find here the famous Al Amaariah Clefts; hills of mountain cut architecturally to control the slope of the road crossing from one side to the other side of the hill. The artistic cutting became an attraction eventually and made the place one of the most talk-about sites to visit in the province of Riyadh.

It has a number of state parks and one of the villages where beautiful resorts are located; from standard to the 5-star rated class. Riyadh province is a desert central region of the Kingdom, and so, among the attractions that draw people visiting are the farms in the nearby towns and villages of Riyadh City; Al Amaariah has them too, from dates farm to vegetables and fruit farms.

Major Attractions

  1. Al Amaariah Cleft 1

  2. Al Amaariah Cleft 2

Activities You Can Do

  1. Mountain biking

  2. Mountain road drive trip

  3. Sightseeing

  4. Hiking

  5. Picnic & Camping

  6. Farm visits and adventures

  7. Swimming

Facilities Available

  1. Private Resorts

  2. State Parks

  3. Private Farms

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List of State parks

  1. Al Amaariah State Park

  2. Amaariah Park

Al Amaariah State Park

Al Amaariah State Park is a 25 km meandering riverbed valley park located western of Al Amaariah Center.

Best time to come

The best time to come in is during the winters and spring seasons.

* Flowers are blooming all around

* Moderate to cold temperature

Coming here during the summertime will put you in trouble of suffering the high

the searing temperature even at nighttime because the place is barren, with only a few trees

standing – you can even call it treeless.

What to Expect:

You will have the chance to see different species of birds, wild & tamed.

Falcon, eagles, and other small birds

There are barns where you can interact with camels, sheep, goats, and donkeys. But you need to seek the permission of the owners since private individuals own the barns.

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