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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Abha City, Saudi Arabia - Al Sahab Park and the other points in the Al Soudah Mountain range represent a spectacular display of nature’s masterpiece in architecting a structure built and perfected over the patience of a long time. In one description, this park is a place that gives the visitors a distinctive experience either in clear weather time or in a gloomy interlude.

In a gloomy period, you have the chance to experience being with the clouds or sometimes standing above the clouds. Al Sahab is famous for its tag as “A Place To Walk Through The Clouds.”

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While during clear sky time, the heart-pounding sights of the mountain landscape, the ridges, rocky slopes, and the villages down are all that you can see. Rhapsody of colors from green to pale and faded blue makes one think of standing before the immense nature’s live painting; a double-sided picture; on one side are the ridges, gulley, and slopes, while on the other side are the city and the farm sides.

Al Sahab Park is one of the most visited points of attraction, Al Soudah Mountain range, in the Aseer Province of Saudi Arabia. It is the first attraction that tour guides usually bring the visitors to the city outskirt of Abha because of its close distance from the city center.

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The distance of 20 kilometers takes 30 minutes to get to the top of the mountain. During my trip and visit to this place, the sky was clear and gradually turned foggy and cloudy as the sun started hiding to the west for the sunset. That’s why I had the opportunity to catch the spectacular display of nature’s masterpiece in architecting a structure built and perfected over the patience of a long time, which could not escape the lens of my camera.

It is accessible and reachable by any car, with excellent road conditions. As you drive on the way to the location, the chills creep through your veins as you look over to the left and the right sides of the road; a panoramic view of the place unknowingly puts a smile on your face getting amazed by the unique and exquisite spectacles you see around.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Mountain Driving

  2. Picnic

  3. Sightseeing

  4. Farm Visits

Things to Bring

  1. Jackets, Sweat Shirts

  2. Foods and Drinks

  3. Firewood (if you intend to go for a picnic)

  4. I think other things are necessary according to the activities you planned.

Quick Facts

Place Name: Sahab Farmlands

Location: Sahab Mountain Slope, Suqah, Abha City

Saudi Arabia

Distance from the City: 20 Km

Travel Time: 26 minutes

Road Condition: Excellent

Weather Condition: Cold during evening & winter time.


Mobile Phone: +966509577997

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