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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Al Uraida, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Mount Uraida is not the official name of this place; however, I could not find it from any possible source in my efforts to search for a name. Even asking people from the site around and near the area, they don’t know if it has a name or none. So for reference, since this is within the vicinity of Al Uraida, I named it Mount Uraida.

For basic free mountain climbing, this mountain perfectly fits to start with:

  • The slope at the start is usually scalable.

  • As you get into the middle of the climb, you start experiencing the thrills.

  • You will encounter rocks you need to scale up to advance to the top during the past half of the climb.

  • Closing to the top, cliffs on the right side greet with chilling effects on your knees. You just knew you had conquered something beyond your usual limit.

  • Past the cliffside, the climb is easier again until you reach the top.

  • At the top, enjoy looking at the entire state park of Al Waslah, see the cars running, and the people doing picnics below the mountain.

On your way down, again, you will feel the same thrill climbing, but as you have started conquering your doubts in free mountain climbing, you will think of doing again on a little higher degree of thrills.

How to Get to the Place

It is easy and accessible by all types of vehicles. 21 km away from the Kingdom Center and 40 minute- drive.

It is much easier from the city center if you drive via Al Shifa and Dirab, passing through Dirab Road. A more or less half a kilometer from the Dirab Security Checkpoint, take the left turn, the Road 5399 connecting Dirab to Haeer.

About 4-5 km away from the left turn area, you will see a park to the left side, find the entry area and follow the car trail on the way to the cove point. Google direction will point to you the location.

I suggest you drive a car with high clearance but not necessarily a 4x4 drive. Those who are driving a low clearance car are more likely to park it farther from the base of Mt. Uraida. But not much a problem because the distance from Road 5399 is approximately 2km away.


  1. Mountain trekking

  2. Whole day picnic

  3. Overnight camping

  4. Sunrise and sunset watching

What to Expect

  1. Nature park with no structures - The aesthetic characteristics of the place standstill without the concrete structures

  2. No water supply facility, so bring enough drinking water for your entire stay.

  3. Away from shops and markets – get adequate foodstuff.

  4. No comfort room facility – Bring a tent that will serve as the makeshift covering for the lady's personal comfort.

  5. No permanent cleaners are assigned to maintain the wellness of the surrounding – You need to keep your garbage inside plastic trash bags and bring it with you once you leave the area for proper disposal.

What to See

  1. Underground water spring

  2. Scenic view of the valley down the hills.

  3. Different species of tropical and non-tropical birds dwell in the area. – Hear them sings

From the parking area, continue walking until the end of the mountain cave, there you will find the water spring that supplies the water need of the wildlife around it.

See More Images:

For your easy direction, here is the location:

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