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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Besides being one of the exciting places to visit for trek and desert mountain adventures, this trail has so much to tell about the early trading and transport history in Saudi Arabia’s north regions and neighboring countries, Jordan, & Egypt.

Located in Al Thadiq municipality, visiting Maghatya Trail means traveling back in time to the days when traditional transportation via camel and donkey caravan worked to connect people from different places for trading and other socio-economic engagements.

Now, in our days, the place stands as one of the top heritage places that one should see, experience, and enjoy its breathtaking landscape of the mountain path, river passages, waterfalls, and escarpment.

However, the water flowing through the creek and falls disappears during the excessive summer heat and a long period of not having rain.

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Below is the watchtower used by the people to inspect the surroundings during their journeys in the early days.

Activities You Can Do:

  • Off-road driving

  • Trail hiking

  • Mountain Hiking

  • Mountain Biking

  • Picnic & Overnight Camping

  • Sightseeing

Facilities Available

  • No concrete structure facilities available – This is a natural, historical site; construction of structures may not be a smart move, for it will destroy the natural and historical value of the site.

Things to bring:

  • Hiking pack

  • Water, snacks, and foodstuff for a picnic

  • Tent, should you plan for an overnight camping

  • Cooking utensils

Car Requirement

  • Any car will do. But should require a high clearance if you want to drive and park inside the trail hiking take-off.

  • If you have a sedan car, park it at the arrival area and hike to the inner part of the trail.

Quick Facts:

Name: Maghatya Trail

Classification: Historical Site

Location: Al Thadiq, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Riyadh City: 106 Km

Travel Time: 1 hr during non-peak hour

1⅟2 to 2 hours during rush hour


Mr. Alwaleed AlEisa

Mr. Abdullah Al Eisa

Ghamra Adventures, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Contact No. +966555019341

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