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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

There are plenty of wonders to explore and discover; some are familiar to a few only, and lots more are unknown to most people. It only takes little courage and patience to get a priceless privilege beholding the striking sights in the 13 regions of Saudi Arabia from the north down to the south.

Tabuk Region alone has the bulk of natural wonders worth every challenging course and exciting thrills to hurdle to get to the place, one of which is the Neom Canyon. A 15 km long stretch gigantic geological ditch displays multi-colors and canyon rocks from the vertical slope to the canyon bank.

The endpoint of Neom Canyon is accessed through the Shigry town portion from Tabuk City.

Quick Facts

Name: Neom Canyon

Length: 15km

Location: Neom Sharma, Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia

Distance from Tabuk City: 65 Km approximately, one h & 20m drive.

Distance from the Highway: 5km approximately with a rough portion of the trail.

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Driving approximately 65 km for 1 hour and 20-minute travel from the city center of Tabuk will bring you to the bank portion of the canyon on the eastern side.

Car Requirement

  1. Four-wheel-drive

  2. High clearance

  3. New tires are a great advantage.

Terrain Condition to Drive

  1. From City Center of Tabuk to Sharma via Jeddah Road is excellent

  2. 3km from the highway is loose sand terrain.

  3. Beyond 3 km to the canyon bank, rough with dry riverbeds and gulley to cross and a sharp-edged loose fragment of stones.

Terrain Condition n at the Canyon Bank

  1. Open space

  2. No shade to hide from the sun, except at the ravine slope of the canyon.

  3. Windy

What to Expect

  1. See part of the 15km stretch of magnificent rock formation of the canyon.

  2. By rare chance, see a desert fox.

  3. See Wild desert birds flying over the place.

  4. Off-road desert drive to a plain surface of the dune

  5. Experience a high temperature during summer and cold weather during winter.

  6. Internal and mobile phone signal is unreliable because of its distance from the city and relay towers. So expect and assume – no signal.

What to Bring

  1. Snacks and water to support your thirst and light hunger while exploring.

  2. Sunglass to protect your eyes from the open desert blinding lights of the sun.

  3. Sombrero hat to shade your face without using sunglasses, especially if you are shooting with your camera.

  4. Sunblock to keep your skin from burning, especially during summer.

  5. Visiting during the winter season, of course, you should be in your winter suits to keep you warm and away from freezing.

  6. Lighting gadgets for overnight camping.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Picnic and overnight camping

  2. Sunrise and sunset watching

How to Get Here

  1. Those coming from outside of Saudi Arabia may book a flight landing in Tabuk Airport, connecting flight, or direct. Tabuk Airport is one of the international airports of Saudi Arabia; however, the flight frequency is limited compared to Jeddah Airport and Riyadh Airport.

  2. If your Holiday trip is to explore Saudi Arabia, I suggest booking your flights via Jeddah or Riyadh, then book another domestic flight to Tabuk.

  3. Tabuk City should be your take-off point going to Neom Canyon.

  4. Better to hire a local guide to assist you in coming to the place. It is hard to find a direction because it is not showing by finding the spot through Google.

  5. Drive your car via Tabuk-Yanbu-Jeddah road.

  6. After driving approximately 65km from Tabuk City, you need to make a right turn taking an off-road drive for about 5 km.

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