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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Buying fresh orange fruits, lemon and pomelo and, enjoying the scenic sights of the vast farmland and the golden desert of Hafirat Nisah, this farm is the one you should come to. Just 1⅟2 hours drive from the city center, you can enjoy the fresh fruit buying at a farm gate price, right inside the farm itself. Besides buying, you also have the chance to see and be astonished by the magnificent sight of the desert landscapes, formation of rocks and mountains, the blending of the golden and reddish desert valley with the green color of the plants all over the plain sides of Hafirat Nisah.

The Farm Globe and Nurseries practices organic farming without pesticides and synthetic and compound fertilizers, which is why the fruits taste naturally delectable healthy, and safe. They are also home to different species of endemic desert plants, so it is never a surprise to see the flowers bloom in random corners of the farm, not to mention the wild birds freely flying and feeding.

Things you can enjoy

  1. Buying orange fruits freshly picked from the trees.

  2. Viewing the picturesque of Hafirat Nisah valley

  3. Buying orange fruit seedlings for planting

The other thing you can do

  1. Come for a whole day picnic in nearby areas.

  2. Desert biking in the nearby areas

  3. Biking inside the farm plantation could be possible, but one needs to seek the owner's permission since this is a private farm.

  4. Overnight camping in nearby areas.

  5. Light off-road desert driving in the nearby areas


  1. Comfort Rooms for the comfort of the visitors


  1. The farm is accessible by all types of car

  2. Excellent road condition

  3. Along the Hafirat Nisah Main Road

  4. For the mobile phone and internet signals - excellent

Package of Places to See

If you are not a resident of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, making a trip to visit this farm could be a package of visits to different desert adventures destinations. At least five exciting spots to stop for a visit as a side trip, aside from the charming sights that you can see along the road on your way to the Al Maamoura Farms and Nurseries, and these are the following:

  1. Breathtaking view of Jeddah Road you roll down the mountain-cut road from Tuwaiq Mountain.

  2. Red Sand Dune, where you can do the ATV ride or off-road driving on the sand with the car you are driving from the city if it is a 4x4 drive car. See the video here:

  3. Shark Pinnacle Mountain and Viewing Point, where you can get the omniscient view of the desert mountains and valleys of Al Muzahamiyah Red Sand, Al Awsat & Nisah sides. See video here:

  4. The Hidden Valley. What you can find here are the natural rock jacuzzis formed for millions of years. See the video here: and

  5. The Edge of The Road – this is a mining site along the long winding curve of the road going to Hafirat Nisah. See the exhilarating of the vast red sand

Click the arrow tab to see more images.

Click the play tab below to see the scenic

sights of Hafirat Nisah as viewed from the

hilltop of Al Maamoura Farms & Nurseries

Business Hours

Open: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day

  • Once the main gate is open, they are available for business.

  • There will be instances that when you arrive, the fruit shop is closed, and you see nobody is around; just wait for a little until the attendant comes. Because in some instances, the attendant is attending something outside the shop/store.

Contact Number: +966 50 901 6725

For easy direction, below is the location. Please note that you will the farm name is Farms and Nurseries Globe, which is the Al Maamoura Farms and Nurseries.

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