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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Pack your bags, ready your camera, and don’t forget to bring water, drinks, and food; explore the desert villages and be ready to experience the swift changes of sights from open land to green-covered sites. Be in a world where the colors vary from golden to grey, black, blue, and white.

Hafirat Nisah is a village under the Muzahamiyah Governorate, southwestern Riyadh Province. Tourists may not often visit this small village, which may not be as famous as the other tourist spots in the Kingdom. Still, Hafirat Nisah has bright, unique, and inducing sights of mountain formations and radiating aura of the desert that can easily magnetize attention and curiosity to look further and explore deeper. And you can even compare or level with the other tourist spots, like the Redsand Dune, and The Edge of the World.

The 150 km drive from the city center of Riyadh will bring you to the mesmerizing sights of multiple colors of the valley. You will realize its unusual characters once you are about to roll down from the mountain top to the farmlands, desert parks, and dunes. Without notice, you might suddenly find yourself moving with your adrenalin rushing fast and soaring high.

As a farm a village other than unique sights it offers, what you can find here are vegetable farms, flower farms, nurseries of ornamental plants, flower-bearing trees for parks landscaping, fruit-bearing trees for orchards, and other perennial forest trees for forest planting.

Coming here is multiple treats in exploring the desert places of Riyadh Province for your trip never will be a dull journey from the time you start steering the wheels to pulling over to your destination. Because other than Hafirat Nisah, there are tourist attractions you can add to the itinerary before ending here as the final destination for the day.

Suggested Places To Visit

  1. Yamama Gardens Farms & Nurseries.

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Places To Include In The Itinerary

(As side trips)

Activities You Can Do

  1. Farm visits

  2. Fresh flowers, fruits, and plant seedlings buying

  3. Off-road driving on the golden dunes basking

  4. Sightseeing

  5. Picnic and overnight camping

  6. Basic mountain trekking

What to Expect

  1. Open desert drive

  2. Scenic views surrounding the farm

  3. Chance to behold the color blending of green with the golden reddish of Hafirat Nisah.

Facilities Available

  1. Small stores at the Village center of Hafirat Nisah


  1. Accessible by any car

  2. Mobile phone and internet signals are excellent

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