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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Visiting the peninsular town of Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines, must include the homage to the image of Our Lady of Peace for the Catholics. And to the non-Catholics, still, a must-visit place to test your agility, endurance, and spirit to take the challenge of climbing the more or less 600 ladder steps to get to the chapel and viewing point.

The exhilarating ocean view and the islands on the eastern part reward you upon reaching the viewing point where the chapel of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Mother of Peace s located. Coming to Barangay Tabgon from the town proper of Caramoan is an enjoyable ride as you pass by the green sceneries of the forests, mountains covered by the different species of perennial forest trees, and the farmlands.

The road is concrete with a lighter volume of traffic. Still, the biggest challenge is climbing to the Grotto of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Mother of Peace, where your stamina is tested as you climb the height that needs more or less 600 ladder steps to complete the challenge and conquer its peak.

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How to Get to the Place

  1. If you are a solo traveler, hire a motorcycle service to bring you to Tabgon from the town proper of Caramoan.

  2. For a group of a maximum of four travelers, hire a tricycle service to bring you to the place from the town proper of Caramoan.

  3. The driver will bring you to the take-off point, and from there, you will start your climb challenge from the main road to the viewing point.

  4. The location is along the main road to Caramoan, so easy, reachable, and accessible.

What to Expect

  1. Just imagine the height of 600 ladder steps; it explains itself.

  2. Shaded ladder steps path walks from the road to the top.

  3. Be ready to hear different forest sounds, like wild birds and the loud hiss of hundreds of cicadas hissing altogether.

  4. Fascinating sights to see as you climb to the top.

Activities You Can Do

  1. Ladder steps climbing

  2. Sightseeing

  3. Birds watching under the forest woods

What to Bring

  1. Drinking water should be with you on your climb

  2. Light and finger food snacks

  3. Towel to wipe the sweats flowing from your body on your climb

  4. A camera is needed to capture the memory

Rental Price

  1. Motorcycle with the driver P400 for half-day service

  2. Tricycle with the driver – The author has no idea, but you can arrange with the drivers.

  3. You can also discuss and arrange with them the price should you need them to bring to other places of interest on the mainland.

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If you need his assistance, you may connect with this gentleman, the motorcycle driver I hired. I have briefed him about being a guide other than just being a driver. I also include the pricing of his service. He swore to me to take note of the information and advice I related and try his best to give the best service, including the basic information that a guest needs.

Recommended Driver to Connect

Connect with MR. ROGER in his mobile number 09501488714

The alias knows him Bisaya because he is from Davao City, Philippines but married to a lady from Caramoan.


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