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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The Edge of the World is the penultimate adventure destination in Riyadh province, Saudi Arabia. Traveling for adventure in Riyadh should never end the tour without experiencing the thrills and fantastic sights of the mountain range escarpment. The Edge of the World adventure should not end without stepping on top of any of the 4 major cliff towers for the full view of the waving look of the vast valley below the steeple edges.

Quick Facts

Location: Huraymila, Riyadh

Distance from the City Center of Riyadh; 108 Km

Travel Time: 2h 40min

Take Off Points:

  1. Al Sadus

  2. Huraymila

Rough Road Distance to Travel

  1. From Al Sadus – 29 Km

  2. From Huraymila – 16 Km

  • Via Al Sadus is the main take-off point. The rough road to traverse is way longer than from Huraymila, however, the road condition here is far better than from Huraymila.

  • Via Huraymila the rough road distance is just way half of the Sadus way, however, it has a difficult part that low clearance cars cannot pass through.

Pushing the car past the rough portion of the trail.

Car Requirement

1. 4x4 car is much recommended but not necessarily

2. High Clearance

What to Expect

1. Expect a long grueling rough road drive to and from the Edge of the World

2. Strong wind velocity at the Edge of the World location.

3. No Mobile phone and Internet signal at the location

4. Open desert land travel from the take-off points

5. No gas station near the location

Things you Can Do

1. Sightseeing

2. Cliff Edge walking

3. Overnight camping

4. Picnic

Things You should bring

1. Car gasoline should be enough for the going and return ways.

2. Adequate foodstuffs

3. Drinking waters.

4. Flashlights for overnight camping

5. Lantern Lights

More Images

For other information about the real score of making the trip to the Edge of The World, watch this video below:


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