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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Mount Al Farah is one of the mountains that are cool to explore in Ash Shafa Mountain Range in Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia. Home to different species of wildlife from birds, reptiles to wild plants ideal for photography practice for the beginners like me.


  1. The Dream Cave

  2. Rock Cave

  3. Wild Blue Lizards

  4. Millipedes

  5. Different species of wild birds.

  6. Wildflowers

My guide brought me to this mountain for hiking and sightseeing from the peak of Mount Al Farah. However, I suddenly engaged in a wildlife photography practice, chasing the reptiles I saw for the first living in the area because along the way I encountered the different wild reptiles feeding, hiding, and creeping under the trees, on top, and under boulders. Thus, camera handling beginners will have the opportunity to hone further the capturing skill and techniques.

The mountain of boulders piled is the catching characteristic and makes the hill distinctive from the others.

Piles of boulders constitute the body of the mountain. Climbing up and going down is finding yourself in between rock boulders.


  1. Hiking

  2. Sightseeing

  3. Spelunking

  4. Wildlife Photography

  5. Picnic

  6. Overnight camping

The Dream Cave

The unique character of this cave is that it is a cave found inside one giant boulder rock.

Getting here, you need to climb the rocky hills for about 30 minutes of casual ascending pace, then crossing the peak to walk down again, arriving at the plateau portion where the cave is.

The difficulty in climbing is almost unnoticed because the panoramic sights of the mountain ridges and valleys down the hill will ease away the burden of walking the hill slope along the way.

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Parking Cave

Located below the hill going to the Dream Cave. It has adequate space to accommodate the number of persons inside to shield them from the sun's heat and the pouring rain during rain showers. The family of the farm owner once lived in this cave before moving to the city.



Accessible by any car, 20-minute drive from the Shafa Town Center and 35 minutes from Taif City.

  • Caves are within the private farm, so only those with permission from the farm owner can enter and explore the mountain.


  • Poor signal to no si

Guide: Ahmed Alhumailan

Mobile: +966 50 002 8287

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