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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

The Lonesome Rock of Neom Sharma is another unique rock formation found in the desert of Neom Sharm, Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia. Another masterpiece of the desert and creation of time that you must see.

Mounted alone and steadfast in a recessed portion of the desert could symbolize courage, resilience, and stability. In the situation and place where we feel all alone, we could stand any difficulties if we only learn to remain well-founded. This was the figurative interpretation I had in my mind upon seeing it.

Quick Facts

Name: The Lonesome Rock of Neom Sharma - Not the official name. Currently, it has no

name, and for the purpose of referencing and titling of the blog, the author-name

"The Lonesome Rock".

Location: Neom Sharma, Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia

At the back of The Lion Face Rock

Distance from Tabuk City: 63 km

Distance from The Lion Face Rock: 3 km – more or less

I named this rock “The Lonesome Rock” because it has no other rock formation standing beside it, just by itself in the middle of the valley of sands. Aside from standing alone, it stands in a sunken ground, that you have to scale down the dune to get to the base of the rock.

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What to Expect

  1. The place is underdeveloped, with no structures and facilities available.

  2. The site has no name, so no general direction and location found on Google or the internet.

  3. You need a guide if the place is entirely new to you.

  4. Light off-road from the highway to the Lonesome Rock

  5. Fascinating sights around the area with the Pagoda-like formation or rocks surrounding the site.

  6. Close inter-action with camels

  7. On a rare chance, desert fox encounter

  8. Moderate to strong open desert wind blows

Activities You Can Do

  1. Off-road driving on the dunes – flat terrain or at the sloped dunes

  2. Sightseeing

  3. Overnight camping

  4. Stargazing

  5. Whole day picnic (except summer season)

  6. Kite Flying

  7. Dune surfing (you need to bring your sled)

What to Bring

  1. Drive a 4-wheel drive car to bring you to the middle of the desert over the loose sands.

  2. Foodstuffs for your picnic, overnight camping, or snack items during the short visits. No nearby shops, so you have to have them all before going to the place.

  3. Drinking water

  4. Tents for overnight camping

  5. Umbrella for a short visit (dark umbrella to shade you from the burning sunlight)

  6. Sombrero hats -protection from the sunlight

  7. Sunblock creams

  8. Without sunblock cream, umbrella, sombrero, and long sleeve shirt wearing is a must.

  9. Covering tents for the personal comfort of the ladies for those doing the whole day picnic and overnight camping.

  10. Sunglass to keep your eyes protected from the blinding lights of the sun and from the dust and sands flown by the winds.

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