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Updated: Apr 18

The town of Siruma is one eastern coastal towns of Camarines Sur, Philippines offers an immeasurable deep breathing sensation as you look around the place either by the mountaintop or along the shoreline.

Siruma is one of the four banner municipalities of the province of Camarines Sur to groom as among the paradises and be among the top tourist destinations on the Western Pacific (Ocean) side, along with Lagonoy, Garchitorena, and Caramoan.

The green scenery, scenic sights to look around, uncrowded beach places, and the dense forest and farms in the area are the characteristics that make Siruma unique and far more amiable compared to popular destinations.

Currently, tourism development in this town is still way behind the other front-running places for tourism product and service development. Still, there are plenty of efforts and hard work to make a giant leap to the ranks of the major destinations in the Philippines and the world.

Suppose you are fond of exploring new places, introducing new and underrated areas where experience goes beyond the typical way tourism should be. In that case, this town suits your craving. It could be your next to put on the bucket list for the following reasons:

The place is known only to a few, not a popular one but it has plenty of cool things to offer.

  1. People are already coming here, but the chance to find yourself almost owning the resort is highly probable.

  2. The unspoiled natural landscape of the mountains, shorelines, and beach sides.

  3. Semi-secluded but reachable and accessible.

  4. Small town but with tourist-friendly residents.

  5. Motor riders for hire can bring you to the places you want to explore.


  1. White and beige sand beaches

  2. Serene and pristine islands to visit

  3. Aquamarine color ocean water

  4. Mountain top viewing deck

Where To Go

  1. Siruma Viewing Deck

  2. Tandoc Viewing Deck

  3. Botawanan Island

  4. Naval De San Andres

  5. Durokoy Island

Siruma Viewing Deck

The window of Siruma best describes this point because it gives the visitors a glimpse of the natural panoramic portrait of the town. It is located along the roadside before reaching the town proper. A kind of inducement that new visitors cannot afford to ignore by stopping and reveling while recording a memory through the camera. The fusion of the blue mirror-like ocean and bay waters, the dense forest and coconut plantation, and the verdant scenery of the mountain make the inclusive charm of the less heard towns like Siruma; yes, this is indeed a picture of Siruma town in the Philippines.

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Tandoc Viewing Point

Tandoc Viewing Point is equally beautiful as the Siruma Viewing, but this one is located in barangay Tandoc, facing the open ocean water of the Pacific Ocean. One has to exert a bit of effort by climbing the hundreds of ladder steps to get to the top under the open sky and in the middle of the green prairie. The climb may be tiring, but as you get to the top looking over the ocean, peninsular mountaintops wear off all the exhaustion you had to endure to get to the top.

Naval De San Andres

At the Naval De San Andres, making a retreat for a few steps back to the old and modest lifestyle is still possible in a place that keeps you away from the city's toxins to a rank of pristine and natural serenity.

As the light fades and the dark of night starts covering the entire place, you will get fascinated by the different sounds in the forest during the dark period. The twitting insects, the whistles, cries, and songs of the nocturnal animals will give extra chills and fascination.

To read more about Naval De San Andres, click here: NAVAL DE SAN ANDRES (

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Botawanan Island

Considered one of the main tourist sites in the province, however, projected to become one of the destinations because of its unique character and location facing the Pacific Ocean. With fine sand beaches, fully-grown forest trees, and coconuts covering the land surface, excursionists can hide from the skin-burning sunlight under natural shades of nature.

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Durokoy Island

Dreaming of experiencing being cast away but afraid of getting isolated? Durokoy Island is a perfect place for you. It only takes 20 minutes away from the mainland to reach this tiny island located north of Salvacion, Siruma, Camarines Sur, and halfway to Botawanan Island.

A group with a maximum number of 50 persons could fit on this island for a whole day, overnight, or a few days camping.

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Activities To Enjoy

  1. Swimming

  2. Island Hopping

  3. Mountain Hiking

  4. Sightseeing

Facilities Available

  1. Beach Resorts with accommodation Facilities

  2. Boats for Rent

Accessibility (Transportation & Communication)

  1. Siruma is accessible through Naga – Siruma Road in concrete condition. Two-hour drive with a distance of 75 Km.

  2. Good road condition from the town proper to different barangays’ main points.

  3. From the town proper, minor points (adventure and exploring areas) are accessible via motorcycle.

  4. Mainland Shoreline Points – some are accessible by boats or motorbikes, but some points can be accessed only by ships or motorbikes.

  5. For the mobile phone and internet signals, there are areas with low to no signals, but there are points also with excellent reception of signals.

How To Get Here

  1. From Manila, book a flight to Naga airport in Pili, Camarines Sur, or a bus to Naga City.

  2. Arrange with the hotel you booked in Siruma about the pick-up service from the airport or bus terminal to Siruma. Currently, there is only one bus and one trip daily from Naga City to Siruma, the Raymond Bus Company. It is inconvenient with this situation and traveling via public bus transport could be a terrible experience you will get.

  3. With only one regular passenger trip from and to Naga City

  4. No van transportation is operating from and to Naga City.

  5. If you intend to visit different places, from the hotel you are staying; you need to arrange with the local motorbike riders to bring and assist you.

What to Expect

  1. Accommodation facilities are available at the resorts, scattered in different places. Each resort manages its accommodation facilities.

  2. No Hotel in the town proper

  3. No 5-star rate hotel operating – only standard.

  4. No classy restaurant or dine-in is available, except at the resort or hotel.

  5. Scenic sights await the guests along the way during the trip.

  6. The distance is only 75 Km from Naga City but prepares for a 2-hour mountain drive.

  7. By the time you enter the Tinambac-Siruma road from Barangay San Vicente, there are no available restrooms for the ladies along the way and no big grocery store or supermarket.

  8. There is only one meal stop available along the way, and it’s already closer to the town proper.

What to Bring

On your way to Siruma:

  1. Aside from your personal belongings (clothes and others), you need to buy some snacks and drinks in the town proper or in Barangay San Vicente to keep you from thirst and hunger in case of any unexpected occurrence.

For island hopping

  1. Bring your pack lunch if you intend to do the hopping for the whole day or snacks if not.

  2. Bringing enough bottled water and other drinks is a must.

  3. Wear shorts and slippers only

  4. Do not forget the Camera

  5. Wear at least a sombrero if you don’t apply sunblock to keep your face from burning under the sun.

  6. Wear long-sleeve shirts to protect your body from the sun

  7. Bring extra clothes if you intend to swim on the islands you visit.

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